Mold will grow and spread just about anywhere with the right conditions, including in your home. Knowing the most common signs of mold in your home helps prevent the damage that mold can cause to your home and to your health.

Why You Need to Be Aware of Signs of Mold in Your Home

Mold toxicity is a serious health concern and can lead to respiratory and neurological symptoms. Mold exposure can trigger allergic reactions, especially in those with weakened immune systems or illnesses such as asthma or pneumonia. Detecting and treating mold in the home is important for protecting your family’s health.

1. Musty Smell

A musty smell is often one of the biggest telltale signs of mold in your home. Basements, attics with leaky roofs, and bathrooms are all more susceptible to mold growth than other areas of the home since they tend to have more moisture. However, it is important to be aware of musty smells in any room as one of the signs of mold in your home.

2. Noticeable Mold Growing

Spotting mold growth is not always possible since it can take on different appearances and be hidden within walls. Visual mold growth is, of course, one of the signs of mold in your home that should be addressed right away. Mold can range in color from brown and black to green and white and look like spots or streaks. Any strange spots or stains in your home should be inspected by a professional inspector.

3. Health Symptoms

If you have unexplainable allergies or other health symptoms, this could be one of the signs of mold in your home. If you notice these symptoms primarily when you are at home, you should be on alert for other signs of mold in your home, too. Allergies, trouble breathing, and headaches can all be a result of a mold growing in your home and harming your indoor air quality.

Water Leaks in the Home

If you notice discoloration, stains, and water leaking near pipes or appliances, this could be one of the signs of mold in your home. Any time water begins seeping into new areas or you notice condensation on surfaces that are not typically wet, your home is at risk for mold growth. Mold grows in dark, wet, and warm areas, so check pipes under cabinets and around your dishwasher and washing machine for water stains or signs of leaks.

If you notice any of these signs of mold in your home, the next thing to do is contact a mold remediation professional. Mold gets worse over time, so it is best to address the problem with a professional promptly.

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