Would you like to avoid unexpected surprises when it comes time to sell your home in the near future? Many sellers don’t realize that problems revealed in the buyer’s inspection may end up compromising the sale.

Scheduling an inspection before putting your home on the market gives you time to fix any issues that could derail a possible sale. Here are five benefits of a pre-listing inspection that gives you a better chance to sell your home more easily.

It Makes The Process Easier

Did you know when you are selling a home that you’re not required to have a home inspection? Usually, the prospective buyers order an inspection to better know the state of the property.

Most sellers want the real estate sales process to be completed as soon as possible. However, you may have difficulty selling your home with a major roof issue, especially if it is only discovered in the buyer’s inspection report. Buyers want to have any minimal expenses and home maintenance issues on the property they’re about to purchase.

The benefits of a pre-listing inspection help sellers and buyers during the transaction process.

Accurate Price For Your Home

Pricing your home correctly is vital if you want to sell it quickly. If you discover your home is virtually flawless or repair any issue found in the pre-listing inspection, you can use this as a selling point and can list it for a higher price. Likewise, any issues you discover and choose not to fix will help you price the home fairly with your potential buyers.

You Gain Trust With Your Buyers

One of the benefits of a pre-listing inspection is that you will be able to build trust with your potential buyer which often results in a quicker sale. As a home seller, building trust is important for a smooth transaction.

Since buyers almost always navigate through a good number of homes, they might feel more inclined to purchase from a seller who provides full disclosure up front. Most will see this as a sign of honesty because you aren’t trying to hide any major problems.

A Seller Can Stick To A Price Point

When you sell a home, you want to get the full asking price or more, if possible. There are expenses when it comes time to sell your home. If you are using an agent, you’ll have to pay realtor fees.

A good pre-listing inspection report can help you stand by your listing price or get even higher. You’ll have a great foundation when the time comes for price negotiations.

Receiving The Benefits of a Pre-listing Inspection

Spending a few hundred dollars on a pre-listing home inspection can make your life a whole lot easier. When you want to sell your home quickly and for the most money, take an extra step and hire a home inspector.

You can save yourself the hassle of keeping your home on the market for months at a time. A pre-listing home inspection can give you and your buyers peace of mind throughout the whole transaction.

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